About Mourik

About Mourik UK

Mourik UK Ltd has been operating in the UK for many years, offering a range of specialist industrial services to our customers within the petrochemical sector. We have several locations strategically situated throughout the UK to serve the major refining centres. See our contact us page.



Mourik UK Ltd is operationally integrated with Mourik Global BV and Peinemann Holding BV. Both provide a large range of activities across the Netherlands, Europe and World-wide. This has meant the accumulation of a vast know how which cascades through the entire Mourik organisation to offer the complete service package to all of our customers.

We can also support our UK operations with our Mourik International colleagues and equipment during periods of high demand.



Our strategy is aimed at providing high-quality, safe, cost effective specialist services for both project and routine maintenance work.


Safety Safety at Mourik UK

Mourik is highly ambitious when it comes to safety. Our aim is to provide a ‘best in class’ performance in all sectors and for all of our customers. The Mourik workforce holds the necessary certification and experience to carry out activities safely on our customers sites, but even more importantly: we pay attention to our people’s safety awareness and we will find the most suitable solution to meet our customer’s needs. We work safely or we don’t do the work at all.