High pressure and ultra high pressure water jetting

Heat exchanger and tube cleaning

Mourik UK Ltd leads the field in heat exchanger cleaning. Due to our turnkey solutions we can provide the complete solution for industry when it comes to heat exchanger cleaning.


Innovative technology

Our high pressure water jetting equipment will clean heat exchangers to the highest standards. All bundles and plant need to be cleaned regularly. With Mourik’s technology cleaning is executed safely, fast, efficiently, cost effectively and
environmentally friendly. Our equipment is suitable for the following applications;

  • Wash bay cleaning
  • In-situ cleaning
  • Horizontal and vertical exchangers
  • Pipe work
  • Fin fan tubes and fins
  • Shells
  • Components
  • Vessels and columns
  • Every type of contamination
  • High pressure water jet cleaning

Mourik UK Ltd offers the complete range of semi-automatic and automatic industrial cleaning methods. Mourik has solutions for every situation and if there is no solution yet, we will find one. Continuous innovation has made Mourik the frontrunner in safety and efficiency in industrial cleaning.



Safety is paramount to us and to all of our partners. The automated systems remove the operator from the workface and reduces the risk to everyone involved when compared to traditional methods. All our Technicians are trained to the highest standards, are members of the Water Jetting Association, and are experienced within the Petrochemical and Refining Industry.

Safety at Mourik


Benefits to industry

  • The multi lance jetting system is capable of cleaning multiple tubes in one pass
  • Each tube can be cleaned to IRIS inspection standard in just 7 seconds
  • Can use water pressure up to 1500 bar / 21700 psi
  • Excellent cleaning results by means of front and back cleaning
  • The speed of the jetting nozzle can be varied depending upon the level of contamination
  • Can be used with hot water
  • Ten times more water can be utilised compared to using manual methods. Our high pressure are pumps capable of producing high flows of up to 250L per minute
  • Jetting nozzles can be remotely and hydraulically rotated up to 180 degrees horizontally and vertically to enable deeper cleaning in-front and behind tubes
  • Faster, more efficient cleaning means exchangers are out of service for shorter periods making cleaning more cost effective. The bundle is rolled hydraulically to enable external cleaning, resulting in no damage to plant as opposed to traditional methods

The complete solution for heat exchanger cleaning.


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