Equipment, people and work methods - these are the areas of innovation which help us to be the ‘best in class’. Innovation is in our DNA.

Mourik has an extensive fleet of equipment available to its customers, right here in the UK. Through the development of Mourik's R&D team, Mourik Technique, and by working with our customers Mourik create and manufacture some of their own equipment which helps to control quality, reduce turnaround times, reduce costs and increase performances for all stakeholders and provide ‘turnkey’ solutions in a goal-oriented way.

We can't show you everything, but here are a few videos of some our equipment in action.


Mourik UK Ltd equipment videos

CleanCat pneumatic loading

DP testing equipment

M.I.D.C tubular reactor loading

Non entry tank cleaning cannon

Ultrasonic cleaning of exchangers and components

Aerial bundle extractor

Self propelled bundle extractor

30T bundle lifter - washbay

Heavy duty bundle rollers

Single lance LTC clamp

Single lance tube side cleaning equipment

Triple lance scissor platform - tube side cleaning in situ or washbay

Triple lance tube side cleaning equipment - in situ or washbay

Multi lance tube cleaning equipment - washbay

Shell side exchanger cleaning equipment

Offshore catalyst handling - non entry soft flow

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