Storage tank and column cleaning

Storage tank and column cleaning

Mourik UK Ltd have specialised in storage tank cleaning since 1958. Due to our expertise and vast experience across the globe Mourik UK Ltd can provide a safe, efficient and cost effective cleaning solution for tanks of all sizes and products.



All tank cleaning projects are closely project managed to ensure minimal risk to personnel, businesses and the environment. The hierarchy of control will always be applied in consultation with the customer to find the most suitable cleaning solution for your requirements.

A task specific method statement, risk assessment and confined space rescue plan will be provided for each project and work will only be undertaken by our highly trained and experienced Mourik Technicians in line with our
strict quality control policies.


Tailored solutions

A suitable cleaning method is chosen by our experts in consultation with the customer dependant upon the vessel size, product or contaminant, roof construction, internal obstructions such as heating coils, roof supports, level of cleanliness required and risk assessment. Mourik have many different methods available to assist cleaning vessels;

  • Non entry automated BLABO® cleaning and oil recovery system
  • Non entry automated infra red manway cannon
  • Non entry spinning tank cleaning heads
  • Hydraulic excavators
  • Vacuum tankers
  • Heating and circulation
  • Pre-treatment and blending
  • High pressure jetting with hot or cold water
  • Hydraulic pumping equipment
  • Cold cutting
  • Carried out under a normal or inert atmosphere
  • Air lock containers and scrubbing systems
  • Waste treatment technology
  • Waste packaging and disposal


Blabo Tank Cleaning System

The patented BLABO® system is an automated, non-man entry oil tank cleaning system. Especially designed for cleaning large, difficult oil tanks. The BLABO system can be tailored to meet your individual needs – whether you need efficient tank cleaning or if you require cleaning, sludge separation and oil recovery in one integrated process. Compared to manual cleaning techniques, the BLABO system cleans tanks much more safely and quickly. Its closed loop cleaning system heavily reduces the impact of tank cleaning on the environment and provides near 90% hydrocarbon recovery.

Key features;

  • Proven product recovery – typically 90% plus
  • Much quicker cleaning opposed to conventional – 80% quicker
  • Overall tank cleaning costs reduced
  • Cleans to a gas free standard without any requirement for man entry
  • Offers cleaning, sludge separation, and oil recovery in one
  • integrated process
  • No requirement for additional waste processing
  • Re-circulation of cutting material and lower usage of gas oil
  • For further information see our Blabo Tank Cleaning System leaflet


Non entry spinning tank cleaning heads

Mourik can provide tank cleaning heads to high pressure water jet clean and flush vessel internals using pressures up to 1000 bar. This dramatically reduces the requirement for tank entry.


Vacuum tankers and pumping equipment

ADR vacuum tankers with unrivalled suction to remove sludges and even solids. All varieties of hydraulic pumping equipment for oils and chemicals to handle liquids through to heavy sludges.


Hydraulic excavators

Operated via trained Technicians. The excavator can pull or push material to the removal point or mix and homogenise sludges to allow easier removal by tanker or suitable pump. This reduces the requirement for man entry, reduces risk, and speeds up sludge removal.


Infra Red Manway Cannon

The Infra Red Manway Cannon is a safe solution for cleaning as it reduces the requirement for man entry. The equipment features a searchlight and infra red video feedback to a mobile support unit which means even in the pitch black or in heavy water mist, our Technicians can still see where to aim the cannons leaving no uncertainty or areas of sludge hiding.

Infra Red Manway CannonKey features;

  • Infra red video feedback and search light
  • Remote controlled cleaning
  • ATEX approved for zone 1
  • Can supply water or light hydrocarbons for cleaning
  • Minimises emissions
  • Reduces cleaning times and risk
  • For further information see our Manway Cannon leaflet


The complete solution for tank cleaning.



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