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Welcome to Mourik UK Ltd

Mourik UK is active in the oil refining, petrochemical and environmental industries throughout the UK. We offer a range of specialist industrial services to our customers within the petrochemical sector which include;

Our strategy is aimed at providing high-quality, safe, cost effective, specialist services to all of our customers. We undertake projects of all sizes whether it be one day routine maintenance work or high intensity shutdown projects. Whatever the size of your project, we constantly strive to maintain our reputation as the UK’s market leading specialist industrial services provider.

Mourik's strict quality control and safe working procedures mean all projects are carefully planned for and implemented to ensure our clients goals are achieved. Safety is paramount to us and we leave nothing to chance.

The equipment used by Mourik is second to none. With an extensive fleet of UK based equipment readily available, the majority of which is developed in house by Mourik Technique and our partners Peinemann, we can deliver optimum results, consistently, safely, efficiently and quicker than any of our competitors.

We have several offices strategically located throughout the UK to serve the major refining centres. Please visit our Contact Us page for locations of your nearest Mourik office. Mourik operate throughout the UK including Grangemouth, Teesside, Immingham, Hull, Ellesmere Port, Southampton, Pembroke, Port Talbot, London, Whitegate.


Catalyst handling