Catalyst handling services

Charging and discharging reactors is a critical job that demands the highest levels of safety and efficiency, making catalyst handling very specialised work. Mourik is recognised as the leading catalyst handling service provider and one of the few companies in the world that have mastered this task.



Increasing pressure on the petrochemical industry means our customers require the most reliable and cost effective reactors, with minimum downtime and maximum runtime and performance. Catalyst handling is a critical activity to help the industry gain maximum reactor performance.

Our techniques and quality control procedures result in minimum breakage and attrition of catalyst during handling, whilst ensuring that material is loaded precisely to the required specification. There is no room for error during a catalyst project and due to our quality control unloading/loading procedures we can save customers time, money and ensure maximum catalyst performance is achieved.

A world-wide recognition in safety and quality driven catalyst handling services makes Mourik a reliable and experienced service partner. Due to our global expertise we are able to offer a wide range of services during plant shutdowns and unit revamps including;

  • Loading and unloading of fixed bed reactors
  • Loading and unloading of tubular reactors
  • Working under nitrogen conditions
  • Vacuum unloading
  • Wet unloading and reloading
  • Sock loading
  • Dense loading
  • Pneumatic loading
  • Soft Flow low attrition loading and unloading
  • Reactor revamps
  • Mechanical work and maintenance
  • Catalyst transport


Innovative technology

Mourik has a strong commitment to innovation and safety, and as a result of this we are able to provide customers with state of the art catalyst handling equipment which includes;

  • Wieland vacuum unit
  • Life Support Units for N2 entry
  • Pneumatic loading equipment - CleanCat™ technology
  • Dense loading machines - Densicat® & Unidense™
  • MIDC tubular reactor system (modular insert dedusting loading system)
  • Soft Flow handling system
  • Non man entry loading Spiral Sock™
  • Dust free drum filling system
  • Screening equipment
  • Infra red video camera inspection and recording
  • Vacuum units
  • Loading hoppers

For further details about our specialist unloading and reloading equipment including CleanCat™, Densicat® & Unidense™, Spiral Sock™ and our MIDC system please see our additional brochures.


Tubular reactors

Due to the highly specialised nature of the work Mourik has developed its own Tubular Division for the unloading and reloading of tubular reactors. Mourik has years of experience with many types of tubular reactors, including Ethylene oxide-, Methacryl-, Acryl acid-,Phthalic anhydride-, Maleic Anhydride-, Azethylene-, Aroma-,MSPO and GTL-reactors. Please contact us for more details.




Safety is paramount to us and to all of our partners, therefore safe catalyst handling is one of Mourik’s key missions. We are dedicated to sharing, leading, motivating and facilitating continuous safety improvement. We endeavour to minimise man entry using Mourik innovations such as, Soft Flow, Cleancat, Spiral Sock and other unique loading and unloading systems. If man entry is necessary our state of the art Life Support systems and rigorous safety procedures are utilised. Mourik BA training is second to none and widely recognised as ‘best practice’ within the industry. Our success is reflected by efforts that have enabled Mourik to become a recognised leader in industrial safety.



Mourik Technicians

Our catalyst handling Technicians and Project Managers are experts in their field. Our people undergo rigorous training, including practical training at Mourik’s very own purpose built reactor in Rotterdam enabling them to operate safely under inert and ambient atmospheres, raising the bar high above the industry safety standards. Due to Mourik’s global expertise our teams have a wealth of experience working with a large variety of vessels and processes.


The complete solution for catalyst handling services.


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