Heat exchanger pull and push services

Heat exchanger pull and push services

The Mourik UK Ltd company of EuroExchangers leads the field in heat exchanger services. Due to our turnkey solutions we can provide the complete solution for industry when it comes to heat exchanger maintenance.


Innovative technology

Our automated bundle pulling equipment can pull the most obstinant tube and plate exchanger units from the shell, transport it to the wash bay and finally push the bundle back into the shell once the maintenance is complete, giving our customers a double saving in maintenance costs.

  • Free a bundle from its shell in as little as 15 minutes
  • Bundles are pulled and pushed in a highly controlled manner, which is quicker and safer than traditional methods
  • Aerial pullers only require the use of a single crane
  • Equipment only requires the use of two highly trained Mourik Technicians
  • Pull bundles gently and smoothly with forces up to 50,000kgf
  • Capable of pulling/pushing bundles up to 30 tonne in weight and rolling bundles up to 30 tonnes in weight
    Our self propelled bundle extractor can pull and push bundles without the use of a crane. It is ideal for tight spaces and once loaded can transport the bundle straight to the wash bay.



  • The bundle puller is suspended or moved into position, balanced, and clamped to the exchanger shell
  • A hydraulic pulling car is then moved forward and secured to the bundle
  • Using the huge power of the hydraulic car pushing against the shell flange, pressure builds gently until the bundle is free from the shell
  • The hydraulic pulling car draws the bundle out in a single continuous
    stroke onto the bundle puller
  • The bundle puller and exchanger is balanced, and can then be lifted clear of the work area


Spade to Spade Services

Mourik can also provide bundle cleaning services and full Mechanical Teams for total spade to spade services.


The complete solution for heat exchanger services


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