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CleanCat rolls into town - March 2015

As the leading market specialist in catalyst handling services, Mourik has called upon its global power to bring its patented, pneumatic catalyst loading system to the UK market.  The CleanCat system will be used to reload a large reactor at Essar (Oil) UK, as part of a major catalyst handling project, involving up to 60 Mourik employees from all over the world. 

The CleanCat system offers crane free loading, with minimal attrition to the precious catalyst and can work in adverse weather conditions meaning no delays due to wind or rain which are common place in the cataylst industry.  The system also loads quicker than conventional loading techniques, and this factor combined with no downtime means costs to the refinery are kept to a minimum as the reactors are handed back fully loaded in record time.

The work will be ongoing throughout March, and forms part of a busy few months for Mourik UK where the teams will be carrying out major catalyst handling projects at TOTAL LOR, Petroineos Grangemouth, GrowHow UK plus other heat exchanger maintenance projects. 


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